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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  January 16, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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all right. let's get you right up to the minute are you looking for a new job? the maryland live casino has 1500 jobs up for grabs. they reaping from hourly to sal -- range from hourly to salary. and said they have been hit by hackers. 24million customers have been affected and should change their passwords right away. the hackers got email addresses, passwords and the last four digits of credit card numbers. thinking about taking a road trip to next sunday's game in foxboro? you could score ticket to
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boston. tickets this morning on e bay ranged from $195 to $6,000 on the 50-yard line. show off your purple pride. upload the pictures to the facebook fazi pw'c andqçó share those pictures. trafficñiñixdñi is moving smootd xdñ. ifxdçó you're out today,ñrñr yoo pk on a hat and glove. temperatures are close to freezing. let's check in with wyatt everhart to see what we can expect. >> a couple more hours we'll stay dry. we are looking for wet weather to begin. some could begins a brief wintry showers -- could begin as brief
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wintry showers. this will go go to rain tonight. we'll watch out for the possible wintry showers. winds have shifted out of the south. it's also a breezy night as that weather maker approaches the area. 30s, increasing clouds and showers coming in. those could be mixed showers. first, we talk more about how things shape up in the morning commute and look to the rest of the week straight ahead. neighbors in annapolis awoke to a real disturbing site. a body had washed ashore. don harrison talked to the people who live in the area. >> reporter: it's a quiet community, south of annapolis on the chesapeake bai. that serenity was disturbed when a body washed ashore. the body was discovered and then the police were called a little after 8:00 in the morning. jim's door bell range early this morning by a neighbor who
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discovered the body by walking her dog. >> we called 911. they called the fire rescue people. shortly after that they showed up and it was a body on the beach face down. >> our units a a-- arrived on the scene. it was an obvious doa. the police were notified. >> reporter: the medical examiner as not identified the body yesterday. they are looking into the possibility of a sail boat accident. a boat cap size north of this point. one victim was pulled out of the weather. the other is missing. chief cox said it's not unusual for someone to be in the body this long before being
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discovered. >> it will take longer for a body to surface this time of the year compared to what we would see in the summertime, which is a matter of days before a body would surface. >> reporter: inñiñi annapolis, i harrison, abc2 news. ñi hasñi been ti the medical examiner'sñiw6 rñii n. there'sñiñixd a newxdñiçó st drowning andc chi$l)en. th[d study lookedñixd at drownit 16 year's. hospitalization rates fell and the number of kids who died from drowning dropped 42%. researchers also found a doctor in hospital visits following bathtub related drownings in infants and toddlers. it's the second leading cause of death of children and accounts for nearly 1100 deaths each year. have you seen this video?
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dramatic rescue of a california mother and her two daughters, one of them 10 weeks old has the car dangled off of a bring. >> reporter: wait until you hear the story of the incredible rescue. they were trapped in a car. it was dangling over the edge of a bridge, afraid to move a muscle. we have a first grade teacher, kelly and her two daughters. they were trapped in their squash bmw. it happened on highway 101 in california. a big rig truck rear endedt( th. the truck driver, charles killed instantly. of. a u.s. navy construction crew
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happened to be driving pie and had the right -- by and had the right equipment. >> they had a large forklift with them so they could support the bmw as it was teetering on the side of the bridge. ever been on 101 in california? it's incredible they survived. surprisingly, 10-month-old milo, barely a scratch. the car seat saved her life. >> somebody was looking out for them. well, the finger pointing in the case of that italian cruise ship wreck continues with the ship's captain coming under increased scrutiny. at this hour 29 people confirmed dead and a retired couple remans month missing. >> reporter: it is terrifying
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scene shot from an italian coast guard helicopter, lines of passengers makinger that way to -- making their way to rescue boats. life boats dangle in the air uses. the captain of the costa concordia said the wreck was not his fault. the cruise line's ceo is telling a different story. >> the captain decided to change the route and he went into water he didn't know in advance. >> reporter: the italian coast guard want alerted until 10:43 p.m. and orders to evacuate not given until 10:50. this morning an american couple who were on their honeymoon told gma's robin roberts it was chaos. >> from what we saw, it was every man forxd himself.
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c manslaughter charges andçó will facexd/+ñ aymñiqw3 judge tomor. month missing, a retired couple from minnesota, devoted church goers on a 16-day vacation. friends and family are holding out hope. >> our job is to pray for their recovery. >> reporter: late new details from the british newspaper the telegraph reporting the sister of the -- reporting for abc2 news, new york. it is a day of celebration and service as we honor the life of dr. martin luther king, jr. coming up, how some baltimore students keep the civil rights
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some new video tonight. an elderly woman was hurt when her car crashed into a medical building on chicago's south
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side. police say a truck rear ended her vehicle, sending the vehicle into the building. the woman and the driver of the truck were taken to local hospitals and are in good condition tonight. a tree that stood in central florida for 3500 years has been reduced to ash. it caught fire early this morning. it was considered one of the oldest trees in the world, the oldest cypress trees. it was named after the senator who donated the property that it sat on. investigators have ruled out arson. the cause still under investigation. expensive dinners and trips. a new study said competition for mates. we'll explain coming up. then there were five. i have more on how one
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today marks martin luther king day. for the first time the king holiday will be celebrated with a memorial in his on north. the statue was unveiled last year, tend was to mark the civil rights leader yesterday. the national parks service said it will change a parafaced quote after maya ainge gee lou said it madeñi king appearxd arrogant.
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hee1ñrt( wasçóñr assassinateçxd. had jt begun his poor people's campaign to demand economic justice. >> he did not live to see a that come to fruition, and so 44 years later, we're still challenging our nation. >> today also marks a new ainge of online access to those hop want to know more about king and his work. the king center imaging project makes 200,000 civil rights leaders documents online, including his letter from a birmingham jail. many across the nation are remembering the life of dr. king. president obama and the first lady no exception. they took part in a special mlk service in washington.
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first daughter malia also helped out. closer to home, baltimore city students volunteering their time and energy serving their communities today. they are volunteering in celebration of dr. martin luther king's life and legacy of service. students worked on several projects in catonsville. >> there are a variety of activities. xdñrñi>>s7 kind of a full day. theñr studentsçói]xdñrñixdxd weg valentine'sñr cards for soldiers serving over cease and new soil for green spaces. quiet and cold night out there. breezy conditions after a milder day where we did get to 40 and
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beyond. today temperatures have been dropping this evening and the winds have shifted to the south but that is still enough wind to give you a wind chill factor despite the fact it's a southerly breeze. from washington today take a look at the weather on this martin luther king holiday and absolute lay nice looking day here in washington, but, as you look late in the day, you see the clouds begin to come in more earnest and thicken up a bit. that is an indication of the next weather maker. we will continue to watch to the west on maryland's most powerful radar. we can see a couple of very light wintry showers west of d.c. and more precipitation toward cumberland. this is snow and sleet. this will also be changing over to all rain as this changes to our direction. the bottom line is we will continue to look for primarily a rain event although we could see wintry showers, sleet and maybe
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wet snow. 39 baltimore safely above freezing by 70 degrees. we're getting down there to the west. hagerstown at 39. winds from the south helping to hold temperatures up a little bit but also creating a wind chill factor. to the west very important to point out on the larger scale radar picture. yes, winter type showers in the high terrain toward garrett county and cumberland. but if you look behind the area high elevation in west virginia. this is all rain. so we will be changing over there. is mild air mixing in and coming in with the rain s while the front edge may feature wintry showers, high pressure keeps movingi]e1c offshore andq it'sçn forjf rain. yes, maybe a wintry shower and rain showers toward daybreak and
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on and off showers through tomorrow a cloudy day but mild displai in the 50s before we clear out and cool off on wednesday. tonight temperatures falling to just above freezing with a brief chance for snow and sleet. rain tomorrow, 52. tomorrow night the rain showers taper off has temperatures drop as we get gusty winds. checking the outlook, finding that, yes, wednesday will be a colder day as we clear out. then temperatures slowly begin to march upward. we see it last we go toward next weekend with temperatures above 50 degrees. back to you. well, in tonight's democracy 2012, the field is down to five as former utah governor jon huntsman announced he is suspending his cam. he didn't waste any time endorsing a candidate, did he? >> reporter: mitt romney came right out and endorsed mitt
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romney -- jon huntsman same right out and endorsed mitt romney. now people are wondering what happened. to the new hampshire primary. >> i would say third place is a ticket to ride, ladies and gentlemen. >> reporter: to the end of the road in south carolina. >> ed to i am suspending my campaign for the presidency. >> reporter: jon huntsman 2012 never caught fire. it left him with little momentum heading into south carolina. the latest poll had him at 1%. >> the republican party must first unite. >> reporter: now he's shifting his focus to help elect rum -- mitt romney. >> what did he do for the economy? he didn't deliverñi anyñiñr bigd economic proposals. p &c it believesi] governorxdñr romny believesñrxdñrç>x$nçó putting ps
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first. >> reporter: even questioning his electability. now huntsman says romney is the guy. >> best equipped to defeat barack obama. despite our differences and the space between us on some of the issues, i believe that candidate is governor mitt romney. >> reporter: kelly, mitt romney came out and issued a short and sweet statement basically thanking jon huntsman for his friendship and also for his support. >> all right. live from washington. thanks for that report. we have a lot to tell you about. we have new video of the damage caused by the water my that broke inside the state senate office building about an hour ago. just how much damage has been caused and how much senator -- how long senators may be idle
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drivers will continue to prices. pc sales fell 6% as tablets and smartphones became more popular.
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technology experts predict the suprathin laptops will save the pc and they are expected to boom, the same way netbooks took off before the ipad in 2009. those trying to save more money may want to move to a city with more women. when men think the female population is scarce, they compete by saving less and being more impulsive. researchers found men would borrow 40% more each month and save 42% less. they were also more likely to take $20 now over waiting a month for $30. that happened when they were shown pictures that had more men in them than women. researchers see it in other mates. when mates are scarce, males become more competitive. ask wyatt, i don't know.
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there's an app to find girl scout cookies. i uáq)s. it will display a gps locator and send you to the nearest cookie location. now an app for girl scout cookies. enjoy using twitter to stay in touch with friends and government officials, you might want to be careful. why some of those accounts could be scams. we've got that story coming up at 6:00, which starts right now. it means the world, like they don't even understand. >> we understand. perfect timing for those struggling to find jobs. mand


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